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Viking Round Shield - Asset Pack

This is a model of a round viking shield with a highly customizable texture. It has a massive amount of pattern and color combinations that are set up through Unreal Engine material.

The customizable material is set up with the use of alphas that I've created in Photoshop and Substance Painter. There are total of 54 alpha masks you can use, some of which can be combined with themselves to create even more variety. With all the color and pattern combinations there can be more that 300 variations for this shield.

The UE material is set up with simple multiply and linear interpolation nodes.

I've uploaded a small demo of how the material instanced are used.

I'm using 2K textures.

Polycount: 1144 Triangles, 669 Vertices

Dominik maral vikingassetsshieldhumb
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield3
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield5
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield6
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield7
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield1
Dominik maral vikingassetsshield2
Dominik maral vikingassetsshieldwall12
Dominik maral vikingassetsshieldwall1
Dominik maral vikingassetsshieldwall13

Viking Shield - Customizable colors and patterns

Viking Shield Model - UE4 Material Parameters Showcase

Viking Shield 3D Model - UE4 Color Parameters Showcase

Viking Shield 3D Model - UE4 Pattern Parameters Showcase

Viking Shield 3D Model - UE4 Complex Pattern Parameters Showcase

Dominik maral wireshieldfront
Dominik maral wireshieldback