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Nazgul Greatsword

This is my second artwork created in Blender, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in UE4. I was heavily inspired by LOTR, especially by the Wraith's sword and the Witch King's sword. I actually used models from Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons Collection at Skyrim Nexus as a reference.

This was my first project where I didn't have a specific reference image but instead used multiple sources as inspiration and created something unique, something of my own. I hope you like my creation!
Inspect the model on if you're interested and feel free to ask questions and please critique!

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Model info: 1 4k texture, 1800 triangles, mirrored UVs

Dominik maral greatswordthumbyel
Dominik maral greatswordthumbred
Dominik maral greatswordepicyel
Dominik maral greatswordepicred
Dominik maral greatswordpummelyel
Dominik maral greatswordpummelred
Dominik maral greatswordbladeyeel
Dominik maral greatswordbladered
Dominik maral greatswordfrontyell
Dominik maral greatswordfrontred
Dominik maral greatswordedge1
Dominik maral greatswordedge2

Nazghul Greatsword