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Honjō Masamune - Japanese National Treasure

Honjō Masamune is one of the best known swords created by Masamune, and is believed to be among the finest Japanese swords ever made.

The sword was a symbol of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Japanese government declared Honjo Masamune an official Japanese treasure.

At the end of the WW II, the U.S. Army demanded that all Japanese citizens turn over their weapons, including their swords. It was after this time that the sword was lost and became a legend.


My goal for this project was to recreate this lost legendary blade as a game ready weapon. I didn't have any specific reference, since none such exists. I instead delved deep into japanese blades, learned how they were made, how they were different in certain eras and the story and facts behind this legend. I tried to find as much information about it as possible, but ultimately I created it according to my view. It was a great challenge!

Sword: 4199 tris, 2404 verts, 4k texture
Sheath: 3891 tris, 2204 verts, 4k texture

Dominik maral honjomasamunefullsheath
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalsheath
Dominik maral honjomasamunefull
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalfull
Dominik maral honjomasamunesheath3
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalsheath3
Dominik maral honjomasamunesheath4
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalsheath4
Dominik maral honjomasamunesheath1
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyal1
Dominik maral honjomasamunesheat2
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalsheath2
Dominik maral honjomasamunesheath5
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalsheath5
Dominik maral honjomasamunethumb
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalthumb
Dominik maral honjomasamunehilt1
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalhilt
Dominik maral honjomasamuneblade1
Dominik maral honjomasamuneblade2
Dominik maral honjomasamunepommel
Dominik maral honjomasamuneroyalpommel
Dominik maral honjomasamunebladewire


Dominik maral honjomasamuneshaethwire
Dominik maral game2

UE view

Dominik maral game3