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Goblin Portal Stone

This model was again created for Carved Brink, a quest mod for Skyrim. The amazing concept art was made by Carolin Aust
This mod is being developed by a team called The Haem Projects, a creative duo, who has created Project AHO, a DLC sized quest mod for Skyrim which has gathered great success around the internet.
If you are an Elder Scrolls fan I suggest you check it out.

Carved Brink link

AHO Project link

I've used brushed by Issanou Kamardine and Brandon Frank

I've also used rock material created by Hugobeyer

The screenshots are done in UE4, there is an ingame showcase on the bottom
Feel free to inspect it on Sketchfab and let me know what you think.

Dominik maral portalpedestalfull
Dominik maral portalpedestalfull2
Dominik maral portalpedestalfull4
Dominik maral portalrockclose
Dominik maral portalrockfull
Dominik maral portalrockfull2
Dominik maral portalrockclose2
Dominik maral portalrockclosedetail
Dominik maral portalrockclosedetail2
Dominik maral portalpedestalfull3
Dominik maral portalpedestalclose
Dominik maral portalpedestalclose2
Dominik maral portalpedestalclose3
Dominik maral portalpedestalclosedetail
Dominik maral portalpedestalclose5
Dominik maral portalpedestalclose6


Skyrim ingame showcase