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Night Lotus - Skyship - Greater Powers

To be a pirate raider you need speed stealth and firepower. And those three things are what the Night Lotus is built for.

This stealthy ship is the assassin of the skies. Fast, Quiet, undetectable, and armed with a massive array top tier weapons.

These fast frigates use the finest Ironwood obtained from the Dark Elves and Rare metals and minerals galore. And from this incredibly expensive set of building materials, the components of this deadly masterpiece are constructed.


I've created this model for Greater Powers, an upcoming MMORPG game by Darkstar Games. This is definitely the most complex model that I've made so far.

I was tasked with modeling this ship based on a concept art by Larry Brock from the Greater Powers team.

I felt intimidated when i was at the very beginning but taking it one step at a time and following the concept art brought me to the end result.

The whole ship has about 137 000 triangles and I've managed to fit the texture into 3 texture sets while keeping an acceptable texel density. The texutres are split into baked parts and tileable parts. I've also used some trim sheets techniques on for example the armor of the ship.

Working on such a high fantasy design was extremely fun and I really enjoyed bringing this concept to life.