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Maelstorm Tomes - Greater Powers

Bound in precious Krakenhide and crackling with dark energy these immensely powerful spellbooks contain mighty spells and an elaborate set of binding enchantments. The power of these spellbooks is such that the memory of the bearer is enhanced and amplified allowing them not only to memorize more spells, but also gives them enhanced casting ability. Spells cast while holding a maelstrom time are amplified and their effects gain devastating additional effects. While each of these venerable books has its own character, the influence of House Aries can be seen and felt everywhere around the bearer.

I've created these items for Darkstar Studio's upcoming online RPG Greater Powers.

I had a blast creating these books since I always leaned more to the dark side in terms of visuals and design.

11731 triangles, 7353 verts

This is my art director's portfolio

Dominik maral epic2lev3
Dominik maral epicfar1
Dominik maral closefront1
Dominik maral closefront2
Dominik maral closecornerside1
Dominik maral closecornerside2
Dominik maral closecorner1
Dominik maral closecorner2
Dominik maral closetop1
Dominik maral closetop2
Dominik maral epiclev3

Tier III

Dominik maral epiclev2

Tier II

Dominik maral epiclev1

Tier I

Dominik maral epic2lev2

Tier II

Dominik maral epic2lev1

Tier I

Maelstorm Tomes - Tier I - Turnaround

Maelstorm Tomes - Tier II - Turnaround

Maelstorm Tomes - Tier III - Turnaround