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Spellbooks of The Order of Leo - Greater Powers

These times are no ordinary books. Each is enchanted with a cloud access enchantment which fills each page with spells and knowledge relevant to each individual user. And a beautiful handcrafted magical interface binding allows rapid transfer of that knowledge directly into the user’s short term memory.

This allows scholars and magi the world over to increase their memorized spell capacity and be able to cast spells and abilities they would ordinarily not be able to. This makes the spellbook one of the most powerful and important items in any would be adventurer’s kit.

I've created these books for Darkstar Studio's upcoming online RPG Greater Powers.

This was quite a challenge since i had to design it from scratch while staying true to the style of the game. But I think it turned out alright. Let me know what you think!

The Leo emblem was created by

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Pile of spellbooks

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Color variations trough Material Instances in UE4